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Greetings and thanks for taking time to look.

Essentially this site is a place for me to post pictures of my models and such without using up valuable space on other sites.

I've been building models on and off since I was a nipper, but got back into it seriously after a long hiatus. I build for the joy of it, and never lose sight of no matter how much effort I put into a project it will only ever be a plastic model. This way I don't get too wrapped up in super accuracy and lose sight of the fun. I also build "what if" speculative models.

Novice Modeling.

 I consider myself a novice modeler and noticed a million sites on the web dedicated to modeling but most seemed to be geared to "experts" with unlimited budgets and knowledge and often skipped some of the basics and became very confusing to people like me. I do not claim to be a master model builder and my techniques are neither original nor the only way but hopefully will be helpful and interesting

I build mostly 1/72 scale aircraft and have a penchant for Naval aviation. I build for fun and relaxation and because I think planes are "cool".My subject matter is dictated by how interesting I find it and tend to err towards the more eclectic subjects and those common aircraft in less common liveries


A JMN is a "Joyless Modelling Nazi", one who becomes so obsessed with accuracy that they suck the pleasure out of building and have a tendency to make novices feel intimidated and unskilled. I never forget that its a plastic model and no matter how much velocity I put behind it will never fly, ITS NOT REAL. An accurate and detailed kit is a pleasure, but so too are many kits deemed "innacurate and unworthy of building". I am not an engineer and I figure however the manufacturer tooled the kit is usually good enough for me. Don't get me wrong I love to detail and want my models to look as realistic as possible but I'm not going to start counting rivets and would never tell anyone their model is "wrong".




The Golden Rules

1. MBM as in My Bloody Model, which means I will build anything I  want anyway I choose. If I build an old Airfix Bf109 in U.S. Navy colours that's up to me!

2. Fear is my only enemy. In a short period of time I managed to go from assembling straight from the box, to scratchbuilding and rescribing. The only thing that held me back was my fear that I'd screw things up. Well most things I think I screwed up can be fixed.

3. Enjoy yourself.

All pictures are thumbnails and clicking on them will open the full size image in a new window

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